1961 Roster

Jim Garrison and Mike Edwards led the Knights in basketball this year. Mike concluded a fine career both as a student and a ball player. He made three letters in the sport, something that has not been done before and will probably not be done again. Garrison was a clever guard and the floor leader. Ray Fry was perhaps the finest long shooter we have developed. His shot did not turn much in the air and when it hit the rim it hung there as if a magnet was attracting it. Carl Johnston was our center and with little basketball back-ground he became a fine player and the teams’ best rebounder, Albert, the Mighty Mouse, Simpson was an amazing player. He looked like a fugitive tram the Nazi prison camps. He was thin, small, and anything but what would look like a ball player. Al just had the heart. Ounce for ounce and inch for inch he was as fine a ball player as we have had. He just was issued in a very small amount.

The fifth position seemed to rotate, but Olmstead had the best hold. Although not well coordinated for basketball, Kim just loved to play and he would out work many boys who were better. Jim Grant was a wonderful, personable reserve. Martin was coming and his year would be 62. Love had his moments of glory and was a fine boy. Nichols would come into his own the next year as would Tarbox. Ray Grantham, the irrepressible “Herbie” was as important to the team as the starters. He loved the game and although he had very little natural talent he developed into an effective player. Every team must have its Grantham’s. The kid who day in and day out will work against that starting team and never Live up and play them for all they are worth, and make his team mates better as well as himself.

It was not a winning season, yet this group rose up and spanked West in the last game. They beat them more soundly than any team up too this time. In the District they lost to West 49-50 in one of the most thrilling and heart breaking contests you could see. It was as tough a loss as we have ever absorbed because after a poor season they seemed to have pulled themselves together. We led for most of the game and then two starters got in foul trouble, and to the credit of West they pulled up and took advantage of our lapses and beat us by one. This was a fine group of boys. There may be more successful men coming from this group than any I have had the pleasure of being associated with. Excellent with the books and competitive on the floor, they had qualities that any parent would be happy to see in their boys.