Players share their thoughts on Coach and the East High tradition

The Players 1956-1978

Friends share their thoughts on Coach and the East High tradition.

The Friends and Fans of East High

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  1. Please take a moment to share how the East High culture has impacted you.
    Friends & Fellow Knights,

    It has been just over ten years since Coach Eathorne passed away. His legacy continues in the lives of his players, students and friends who continue to pass on the Knight traditions of encouraging others to be the best they can be and give back to the community in which they live.

    The world is in tough times with the COVID-19 virus spreading around the globe. Many have been “sheltered in place” for two to three weeks now. Everyone most likely has taken time to reflect on their life – how one has journeyed thus far and how the way we do things are going to change for the future.

    One of my cathartic activities, with all the “free time” on my hands, was to update the East High Knights Basketball website. The site is to remember the days being at East High School and the legacy of Coach Eathorne. It got me thinking that others may have significant memories of high school and people that had an influence on how how they have lived their lives the past 40 plus years.

    If you have any news clippings, pictures or video you would like to share on the East High Knights website, I would be glad to include it. Please reply with a post.

    Thanks you,

    Rick Walker

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